Top Picks for Best Dog Training Treats: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

Looking for the best Dog training treats? In this buying guide, we’ll explore the top options on the market to help you find the perfect treats for your furry friend’s training needs.

Top best Dog training treats reviews

Amazon Brand – Wag Chicken Flavor Training Treats for Dogs, 2 lb. Bag (32 oz)

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These treats are a fantastic value, made with quality ingredients, and dogs absolutely love them—a definite must-have for trainers and pet owners alike.

Pros Cons
2-pound resealable bag for freshness May not be suitable for dogs with specific protein allergies
Made in the USA with high-quality ingredients
No corn, soy, wheat, artificial colors, or flavors
Perfect small size for training rewards
Chicken as the #1 ingredient

When it comes to treating our furry friends, we all want the best for them. That’s why I’m thrilled about this 2-pound bag of dog treats. Not only is it packed in a handy resealable pouch that keeps the treats fresh, but it’s also made with top-notch ingredients, including American chicken as the star of the show. The absence of added corn, soy, wheat, and artificial additives makes me feel confident about giving these to my dog.

I’ve been using these treats for a while now, and I’ve noticed how eager my dog becomes during training sessions. The small, chewy size is just perfect for quick rewards, and they don’t crumble or make a mess in my pocket. Plus, the fact that they’re made in the USA gives me that extra peace of mind regarding quality and safety standards. It’s clear that these treats are crafted with care, and my dog’s enthusiastic response is a testament to their deliciousness.

What’s more, I’ve seen a lot of tail-wagging approval from the dogs I walk and train. They seem to find the rich flavor irresistible, which makes training a breeze. I’ve even decided to subscribe and keep these treats as a staple in my kit. It’s rare to find a product that’s both loved by pets and trusted by their owners, and I’m genuinely impressed. I highly recommend these treats to anyone looking for an effective and enjoyable way to reward their pups.

Blue Buffalo Natural Soft Moist Training

Blue Buffalo Natural Soft Moist Training
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The BLUE Bits Natural Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats are a top-tier choice for training, offering a delicious beef flavor and healthy ingredients that my dog absolutely loves.

Pros Cons
Variety of flavors cater to different taste preferences None to mention; these treats are a training dream!
Bite-sized treats ideal for training
Made with real meat and free from artificial additives
Effective in capturing dog’s attention and encouraging positive behavior

These BLUE Bits treats have become a staple in our training routine, thanks to their wholesome ingredients and the fact that they’re crafted without any chicken by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, or artificial preservatives. The real beef as the first ingredient not only makes them a healthier option but also a tantalizing treat for my dog.

From the first time I introduced these treats to my dog, I noticed an immediate improvement in our training sessions. The rich scent of real beef made my dog’s ears perk up, and his focus during commands sharpened significantly. It’s clear that the natural flavors in these treats make them an irresistible reward, which has been a game-changer for reinforcing positive behavior and mastering new tricks.

What I particularly appreciate is the size and texture of these treats. They’re just the right size for a quick reward, without causing any distractions during our training. I can also easily break them into smaller pieces when needed, which is great for portion control and ensuring my dog doesn’t get too full before his actual mealtime. The fact that they’re soft yet don’t crumble means I can keep a few in my pocket for spontaneous training opportunities without any mess.

Pet Botanics Training Rewards 20 Ounce

Pet Botanics Training Rewards 20 Ounce
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The Pet Botanics Training Rewards Bacon treats are a game-changer for dog training, offering irresistible bacon flavor that keeps pups of all ages eager to learn.

Pros Cons
Bacon flavor is highly appealing to dogs Treats are a bit large for small training rewards
Suitable for dogs at all life stages May need to be torn in half for portion control
Easy to tear for size adjustment

Included in the pack are the Pet Botanics Training Rewards with a savory bacon flavor that seems to drive dogs wild. They’re designed for canine companions of all ages, making them a versatile choice for any stage of your pet’s life. The convenience of having a treat that’s loved across the board can’t be overstated when it comes to training.

We’ve been using these treats with our American Bully, and let me tell you, they’re like doggy gold. The bacon flavor has her performing tricks like a seasoned pro. We’ve tried other treats, from dried liver to chicken, but nothing gets her tail wagging quite like these bacon rewards. It’s like she can smell them the moment I open the bag, and from there, it’s complete focus on the task at hand.

While they’re slightly larger than the typical training treat, I’ve found that they tear easily, allowing me to manage the size and maintain portion control during our training sessions. This is a huge plus because it means one bag lasts longer, and I can adjust the treat size to the intensity of the training exercise we’re working on. Overall, these treats have become a staple in our training regimen, and I can’t imagine switching to anything else anytime soon.

best Dog training treats buying guide

Types of Dog Training Treats

Soft Treats

Soft treats are great for training because they are easy to break into smaller pieces, making them perfect for quick rewards during training sessions. They are often made with meat, vegetables, and grains, and have a chewy texture that dogs love.

Crunchy Treats

Crunchy treats are ideal for training because they provide a satisfying crunch that dogs enjoy. They are often made with meat, fruits, and vegetables, and come in small, bite-sized pieces that are easy to handle during training.

Freeze-Dried Treats

Freeze-dried treats are lightweight and convenient for training on the go. They are made by freezing raw ingredients and then slowly removing the moisture, preserving the natural flavors and nutrients. These treats are often made with single ingredients, such as meat or fish, making them a healthy and tasty option for training.

Feature Soft Treats Crunchy Treats Freeze-Dried Treats
Texture Soft and chewy, easy to break into smaller pieces Hard and crunchy, may require more chewing Lightweight and crispy, easily breakable into smaller pieces
Palatability Highly palatable, appealing to most dogs Palatable and appealing, suitable for dogs that enjoy crunchiness Intensely flavored, often irresistible to dogs
Convenience Easy to break into smaller pieces for portion control May be pre-scored for easy breaking, but harder to break into precise portions Lightweight and can be broken into small, precise pieces
Portability Soft and flexible, convenient for carrying in a treat pouch Hard and less prone to crumbling, suitable for carrying in pockets Lightweight and easy to carry without risk of crumbling
Variety of Flavors Wide variety of flavors and protein sources Available in various flavors, often with added ingredients like peanut butter or cheese Intensely flavored with the natural taste of the ingredient
Training Reinforcement Excellent for quick and positive reinforcement Suitable for positive reinforcement, may take longer to consume Highly effective for positive reinforcement, as dogs often find them irresistible
Ingredients May include meat, poultry, vegetables, and grains May contain meat, grains, and added flavorings Usually made with a single ingredient, such as meat or organ meat
Suitability Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes, especially those with allergies
Common Brands Zuke’s, Blue Buffalo, Wellness Soft WellBites Milk-Bone, Old Mother Hubbard, Merrick Power Bites Stewart Pro-Treat, PureBites, Sojos Simply Meat Treats

Ingredients to Look for

High-Quality Protein

When choosing training treats, look for those with high-quality protein sources, such as chicken, beef, or fish. These proteins are essential for muscle development and overall health.

No Artificial Additives

Avoid treats with artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. These additives can be harmful to your dog’s health and may cause allergies or digestive issues.

Low Calorie

Since training involves giving multiple treats, it’s important to choose low-calorie options to prevent overfeeding. Look for treats with around 3-5 calories per piece.

Size and Texture

Small and Easy to Chew

Training treats should be small and easy to chew, so your dog can quickly consume them and stay focused on the training session.

Texture for Dental Health

Some treats are designed to promote dental health by helping to remove plaque and tartar. Look for treats with a crunchy texture or added dental benefits.

Training Specific Treats

High-Value Treats

High-value treats are used for more challenging training tasks or in distracting environments. These treats are usually higher in protein and have a strong aroma to capture your dog’s attention.

Low-Value Treats

Low-value treats are used for simple commands or behaviors that your dog already knows. These treats are often lower in calories and can be used more frequently during training sessions.


When it comes to training treats, it’s important to choose options that are not only tasty but also healthy for your dog. Whether you prefer soft, crunchy, or freeze-dried treats, look for high-quality protein, natural ingredients, and a size and texture that suits your dog’s needs. By considering these factors, you can find the best dog training treats to help your furry friend learn and thrive.

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