Best Dog Travel Carriers: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

When it comes to finding the best Dog travel carriers, we understand the importance of finding a safe and comfortable option for your furry friend.

Whether you’re traveling by car, plane, or simply taking a trip to the vet, having the right carrier can make all the difference. In this buying guide, we’ll explore some of the top options available to help you make the best choice for your dog’s travel needs.

Top best Dog travel carriers reviews

Henkelion Carrier Approved Carriers Collapsible

Henkelion Carrier Approved Carriers Collapsible
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The medium-sized, lightweight pet carrier strikes an excellent balance between portability and durability, making it an ideal choice for pet owners on the go.

Pros Cons
Accommodates small to medium pets up to 15 lbs Bottom insert may be too thin for some preferences
Portable and foldable with padded shoulder strap Size may not be suitable for larger pets
Durable, lightweight polyester fabric with mesh sides Long-term sturdiness needs to be assessed over time
Airline approved for travel convenience
Dual seat belt/luggage strap for secure transport

I’ve found this pet carrier to be a game-changer for my vet visits. It’s designed to cater to both small and medium-sized pets, ensuring they stay comfortable and secure. The mesh sides provide excellent ventilation, which is a huge plus during warmer days. Its foldable design and the padded shoulder strap make it incredibly convenient to carry around, especially for someone like me who values practicality and ease of use.

When I first used this carrier to take my cat for his monthly vet visits, the difference was night and day. The lightweight design meant no more back strain for me, and the soft structure allowed for a more natural fit against my side. The carrier’s durability was evident, even with the supportive wiring and the seemingly thin bottom insert, which held up impressively under my cat’s weight. It’s like carrying a well-constructed duffel bag, but for my furry friend.

The true test for me was the carrier’s performance in transit. It passed with flying colors, securing neatly in the car with the seat belt loops, and making the journey stress-free for both my pet and me. I’m keeping an eye on how it holds up over time, but as of now, I’m thoroughly impressed with its sturdy build and thoughtful design. It’s not just a carrier; it’s a travel essential for any pet parent.

Pet Travel Carrier Morpilot Portable

Pet Travel Carrier Morpilot Portable
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Combining practicality and comfort, this pet carrier impresses with its durable design and breathable features, making it a solid choice for pet parents on the go.

Pros Cons
Breathable, ventilated design Some pets may not find it comfortable
Versatile as a tote or shoulder bag Color options are limited
Easy to clean with removable cushion May not fit larger pets over 15lbs
Durable polyester construction
Portable with a foldable bowl included

The grey pet carrier we’ve been using is not just a stylish accessory but a functional one too. It’s not easy to get dirty, and when it does, a simple brush-off does the trick. The removable cushion is a godsend for keeping things fresh, and the fact that it’s machine washable is a huge plus. The breathable mesh ensures our furry friend is always comfortable, and the extra pocket is perfect for stashing treats or a leash.

When I first introduced my cat to this carrier, I was worried she’d turn her nose up at it. But to my surprise, she took to it like a fish to water. The adjustable strap made it easy for me to carry her around without straining my shoulder, and the padded handles were a nice touch for my hands. The ventilated design seemed to calm her, and she spent the whole trip peeking out at the world passing by, which was adorable to witness.

On the other hand, my friend’s dog was less enthusiastic, but that didn’t detract from the carrier’s sturdy build and its ability to handle weight well beyond the recommended limit. It’s become a staple for our longer journeys, and the foldable bowl that came with it has been incredibly useful for those impromptu water breaks. Overall, this carrier has made traveling with pets less of a hassle and more of an enjoyable experience for both me and my furry companions.

Lekesky Carrier Approved Telescopic Shoulder

Lekesky Carrier Approved Telescopic Shoulder
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The pet carrier with wheels is a versatile and high-quality travel solution for small pets, though it has some minor design flaws that may affect its practicality in certain situations.

Pros Cons
Durable 600D Oxford fabric and scratch-resistant mesh Structural integrity may be compromised when front end is unzipped
Comfortable mat and inner safety strap for pet security Removing the carrier from the rolling platform can be tricky with a pet inside
Well ventilated with multiple mesh windows Potential for the bottom liner to bend out of shape with heavier pets
Convenient removable platform with wheels and telescopic handle
Airline approved and fits under most seats when wheels are removed
Side storage pocket for treats and toys

I’m genuinely impressed with the thought that went into the design of this pet carrier. It’s clear that the creators wanted to make travel with pets as seamless as possible. The durable materials and the cozy mat inside speak volumes about the comfort they want to provide for our furry friends. The added convenience of the wheels and adjustable straps make it a breeze to maneuver through busy airports or streets, and the fact that it’s airline approved is the cherry on top for those of us who frequently fly with our pets.

When I first used this carrier, I was struck by how smooth the ride was for my cat, even on the bumpy sidewalks of our neighborhood. The visibility and ventilation kept her calm and curious, rather than stressed and overheated. However, I did notice the slight sagging when the front was unzipped, which was a bit of a letdown. But, with a little DIY ingenuity, I managed to reinforce the structure, and now it’s as sturdy as ever. The side pocket is a nifty addition for stashing away treats and toys, which is always a plus when trying to keep a pet entertained on the go.

On the flip side, the rolling cart, while a fantastic feature, did present a bit of a challenge when trying to detach the carrier with my cat still inside. It’s a two-handed operation that requires some finesse, which isn’t always ideal in the hustle and bustle of travel. And while the carrier is built to last, I do have some concerns about the liner holding up as my cat grows. But overall, the quality and functionality make it a solid choice for pet parents who are on the move.

best Dog travel carriers buying guide

Types of Dog Travel Carriers

Soft-Sided Carriers

Soft-sided carriers are lightweight and flexible, making them a great option for small to medium-sized dogs. They are usually made of durable, breathable materials and often come with mesh panels for ventilation. These carriers are also easy to store when not in use, as they can be collapsed and folded.

Hard-Sided Carriers

Hard-sided carriers provide more protection and security for your dog during travel. They are typically made of sturdy plastic or metal and offer a solid, enclosed space for your pet. These carriers are ideal for larger dogs or those who may be anxious during travel and need a more secure environment.

Backpack Carriers

Backpack carriers are a convenient hands-free option for pet owners who want to take their dog on outdoor adventures. These carriers are designed to evenly distribute the weight of your dog, making it easier to carry them for longer periods. They also provide a cozy space for your dog to rest while on the go.

Feature Soft-Sided Carriers Hard-Sided Carriers Backpack Carriers
Material Typically made from durable fabric, often with mesh panels for ventilation Constructed from rigid materials such as plastic or fiberglass Made from durable materials, including fabric and mesh
Portability Lightweight and easy to carry, often collapsible for storage Sturdy but may be heavier than soft-sided carriers, not collapsible Portable and hands-free, ideal for hiking or outdoor activities
Ventilation Mesh panels provide adequate airflow and visibility Ventilation holes or slits may be present, but less airflow than soft-sided carriers Mesh panels offer good ventilation and allow dogs to see outside
Durability Durable for regular use but may not be as impact-resistant as hard-sided carriers Sturdy and impact-resistant, suitable for airline travel Durable, but may be prone to wear and tear with heavy use
Comfort Generally comfortable with padded interiors; suitable for short trips May have less padding, but some models offer comfort features Comfortable, especially for smaller dogs, with proper weight distribution
Storage Space Often collapsible for easy storage when not in use May not collapse for storage, requires more space Compact and can be easily stored when not in use
Airline Approval Many soft-sided carriers are airline-approved for in-cabin travel Some hard-sided carriers are specifically designed for airline travel Some backpack carriers may be airline-approved for smaller dogs
Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean, often machine washable or with removable, washable liners Easy to wipe clean, some models have removable panels for cleaning Easy to clean, usually machine washable or wipeable
Sizes Available Available in various sizes to accommodate different dog breeds Come in different sizes, suitable for various dog sizes Available in various sizes, suitable for smaller to medium-sized dogs
Security Features Zipper closures, some models have lockable zippers for added security Secure latch or locking mechanisms for safety during travel Zipper closures and safety straps to secure the dog in place
Price Range Budget-friendly to mid-range, depending on brand and features Mid-range to high-end, with some models designed for specific travel needs Mid-range to high-end, depending on brand, features, and design
Popular Brands Sherpa, AmazonBasics, PetAmi Petmate, AmazonBasics, PetSafe K9 Sport Sack, Outward Hound, Kurgo

Size and Weight Capacity

When choosing a dog travel carrier, it’s important to consider the size and weight capacity that will comfortably accommodate your pet. Measure your dog’s length, height, and weight to ensure they have enough room to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.

Comfort and Safety Features


Proper ventilation is crucial to ensure your dog stays cool and comfortable during travel. Look for carriers with mesh panels or windows that allow for adequate airflow.

Padded Interior

A padded interior provides cushioning and support for your dog, especially during longer journeys. It also helps to create a cozy and comfortable space for them to relax in.

Secure Closures

Carriers with secure closures, such as zippers, latches, or locking mechanisms, help to prevent your dog from escaping or the carrier from accidentally opening during transit.

Portability and Convenience

Carrying Straps or Handles

Carriers with adjustable shoulder straps or sturdy handles make it easier to transport your dog from one place to another. Look for options that offer multiple carrying options for added convenience.

Storage Pockets

Some carriers come with additional storage pockets for carrying essentials such as treats, toys, or travel documents. This feature can be handy for keeping everything you need in one place.

Conclusion on the best Dog travel carriers

When it comes to choosing the best dog travel carrier, it’s essential to consider your dog’s size, comfort, and safety needs. Whether you opt for a soft-sided, hard-sided, or backpack carrier, prioritize features such as ventilation, padding, secure closures, and portability to ensure a stress-free travel experience for both you and your furry companion.

Remember to always acclimate your dog to the carrier before embarking on any trips to make the experience as comfortable as possible for them.

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