Large dog beds buying guide

Dog Beds 9

Dogs, like a human being, need some cosy place to lie on and relax. So, by buying a good dog bed for your dog, you’ll be able to show your appreciation for your dog and it will be able to sleep comfortably too. Also, having a special bed for your dog will be much better than having it sleep on the floor or any furniture. It will also stop the littering of hair, bodily dirt and other such dander in your house floor. Thus, a good dog bed can offer your pet protection and privacy too.

Also, having a special bed for your dog will be much better than having it sleep on the floor or any furniture. It will also stop the littering of hair, bodily dirt and other such dander in your house floor. Thus, a good dog bed can offer your pet protection and privacy too.

Dog Bed
Actually, these beds are specially designed so that your dog doesn’t have to endure the pain of sleeping on the unpleasantly cold and uncomfortable floor or ground. These beds are cushioned properly so that your dog’s joint and bones are supported properly. These kinds of beds are better for arthritic dogs or elder dogs as their bones are brittle. Also, they are available in many form factors like a mattress, sleeping pads, nests, cots and bolsters.

Choose your construction

The construction of your dog’s bed can determine many factors about the bed like its joint-friendliness, its comfort value, its durability, the time it will flatten and most important, whether your dog like it or not. The three most popular constructions of dog beds are polyfill, foam and baffled polyfill. While most beds use only one filling, some beds are a combination between the three. The best are often the combination of them all.

Dog Beds 6Polyfill

The full form of polyfill is polyester fibre filling. They are not only used in many beds, but also in quilts, pillows, sleeping bags and mats. This is because they can insulate very well.

Polyfil is also very environment-friendly as it is made of recycled materials and can be further recycled again and again. In such beds, usually the difference in the price range is the difference in the quality of the polyfill.

Baffled polyfill

Dog Beds 1Baffled polyfil is also a polyester fibre filling, but it is completely different. The beds designed with this are made of an interlocking pattern of polyfill tubes.

This design is unique as it makes sure that the parts of the dog bed remains in its place always and supports the dog on it to make it comfortable.


Foam is the best material that can be used for filling dog beds. This is because a good foam bed is extremely comfy and supportive and is really very durable at the same time. Foam dog beds come in many variants like memory foam, standard foam and even orthopaedic foams. It can be used for making mats, sleeping pads, box beds, cuddlers and normal beds. Thus, the foam is the best in its class, especially for older and arthritic pets.

Pick a price range

Dog Beds 7Many dog owners often spend a lot of money on cheap, worn down dog beds and they have to be replaced every year. So, why should you waste your time on cheap beds which not only hurt your dog, but also your style statement and have to be replaced repeatedly? Thus, it is more advisable that the owner buys a good quality bed which can last for many years rather than buying a cheap bed which needs to be replaced every year.

Many manufacturers make high-quality beds which last for many years, sometimes even for the whole lifetime of the dog. Such high-quality beds are also designed according to the dog’s size, so they look perfect. So, you must always buy such kinds of dog beds even though they are often a little pricey. For this, buy a dog bed from a reputed company which aims to provide your pet with the safety and comfort it needs.

Consider important factors before choosing a pet bed

Dog Beds 8

In the vast market of dog beds, choosing the perfect one for your dear pet can be a really daunting task. However, for those people who know about the main things to keep in mind while buying a bed for their dog, it is really very easy. The best-suited bed for your dog is that one which matches your dog’s sleeping style and also the dog’s own size. Also, some dogs have other special requirements, especially older and sick dogs. So, the buyer must keep all these things in mind before buying the dog bed. For this, the dog owner must take some extra time and think about the dog’s needs.

  • Sleeping style

Every dog has his own style of sleeping, just like every human being has one. To understand your dog’s sleeping style, you must observe your dog while he is sleeping. According to this, you’ll be able to buy a good dog bed. A dog doesn’t like those beds which don’t allow him to sleep the way he wants to. It’s as simple as that.

  • Pet type, size and activity level

Is your dog a Labrador or a German Shepherd? Is it a dog or a cat? Often, cats are very inquisitive animals and need special window perch beds which can satisfy their curiousness. A bigger sized dog will need a durable and bigger bed while smaller dogs can sleep in a small, cute bed. Also, dogs which cannot move very much like arthritic dogs and older pets will need a bed which can support their limbs, like heated pads and orthopaedic beds.

  • Style and budget

There are a variety of beds for dogs available in the modern market. Each bed has a different style, a different colour, a different design and different materials. So, it has a bed for every price range and every style.

Choosing the right size dog bed for your dog

Size Bed

The initial size of the bed is very important before buying the dog bed. You must know the correct size of the bed to go with your pet. However, only this isn’t enough. You must also consider its weight and the style in which it sleeps. Now, what if the size of the dog falls between two-bed sizes? Well, in such cases, you must go with the bigger number.

  • Measure and weigh your dog

There are a large variety of sizes in the dog bed market, starting from extra large sizes to extra small ones. Some manufacturers offer different kinds of dog beds for dogs of different body mass and breeds. So, while buying the bed for your dog, you must ensure that you properly measure the size and also weigh your dog. You can use this data while buying the beds. This will ensure that the dog can sprawl on the bed without falling out.

  • What is their favourite sleep position?

Knowing about the position in which the dog sleeps in also very important while determining about the best dog bed for your pet. The dog can sleep in many different positions like curling up like a ball, sprawling on his side or supporting his back on a soft part. To determine this easily, you can spread a paper on the floor, let him sleep on it and trace the area which he is sleeping. You can now use this tracing to determine the total area required by your pet for sleeping. You can take this data and search for the most appropriate bed according to it.

Different types of Dog beds

Bolster Dog beds

BolsterBolster beds, also called doughnut beds, are usually for large and extra large breeds. An example of such a bed is the K&H Manufacturing Deluxe Ortho Bolster Sleeper Small Eggplant Paw 20-Inch.

It is a really comfortable bed which looks very good too. Also, it is made from orthopaedic foam.


  • Made up of beautiful and comfortable printed microsuede.
  • Filling by medical grade orthopaedic foam.
  • Can be washed very easily.
  • Removable covers.


  • Really durable
  • Very comfortable


  • A few washing issues


Mats & Pads

Mats PadsIf you don’t want to buy a dog bed, you can buy a mat or a dog pad instead. An example of a good dog mat is the Pet Thermal Mat.

It is a really stylish mat which has the added benefit of being an insulated one.

It is also very comfortable and is the perfect solution if you don’t want a fully fledged bed.


  • Really comfortable and warm.
  • Keeps the pet warm without any power source.
  • Machine washable.


  • Very warm.
  • Can be washed in the machine


Nesting dog beds

Nesting dog bedsWhen your dog is pregnant, it is very good to have a special nesting bed for her and her children to provide a sense of security. A good example is the K&H Manufacturing Hooded Lounge Sleeper.

It has a special zipping system for lounge sleeper conversion. It is also very eco-friendly as its fill is made from recycled bottles.  Other features are:


  • The pillow can be removed easily.
  • Warranty of one year.
  • Washable.


  • It is eco-friendly.
  • Can be converted into a lounge sleeper.


  • Only the pillow has a cover which can be removed.


Orthopaedic dog beds

Orthopaedic dog bedsThese beds are made especially for older dogs, as they can support the joints of such dogs to slow down their ageing process. An example of such a dog bed is the Milliard Premium Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Bed.

It is very supportive and can remember the sleep patterns of your dog to provide an excellent sleep.


  • Memory foam technology for arthritic and ageing pets.
  • High-quality design.
  • Non-slip and machine washable.


  • Memory foam technology works very well.
  • Very good built quality.


  • Some customers report a strange odour.


Classic dog beds

ClassicClassic dog beds are standard beds which come in a variety of designs.

One of the best of them is the Pet Dreams Classic Sleep-eez Dog Bed. It is made for cool summers and warm winters.


  • Can be washed easily
  • Very comfortable.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Special design for different seasons.


  • Not very durable.


Travel beds

Travel bedsThese beds are made for the dog owners who like to travel a lot and want their dog to be with them on every trip. A good example of such a bed is the OxGord Airline Approved Pet Carrier.

It is a quality product from a trusted name. It has many features which make it the best, like the “unwind and bind” feature which prevents the dog from escaping.


  • Made with really durable materials.
  • Can be washed without any hassles.
  • Large size.


  • The bed has a large space.
  • Have many features.


  • Isn’t good for easily terrified cats.


4 best dog beds for large dogs

Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed

Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog BedThis bed is a luxury bed for your pets. It is a bolster bed which is extremely comfortable and soft, made up of micro suede.

It has very a high quality as it is made up of the best materials.

Also, it is very durable and its base is made of robust and waterproof denim, which is also very soft. It has a filling of polyfill too.


  • Made of premium materials in the USA.
  • The filling is made of recycled polyfill.
  • Very good looking.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Very comforting.


  • No removable cover present.


AKC Casablanca Round Solid Pet Bed

AKC Casablanca Round Solid Pet BedWant something so comfortable that your dog will fight over it? This plush dog bed is one of the finest from the American Kennel Club.

It can be washed in different ways, whether cold or dry. It is made completely out of polyester, so it is really very comfortable too.


  • Can take up to 25 pounds.
  • Made up completely of polyester.
  • Very comfortable and cosy.


  • Easy to wash.
  • Can fit many small pets.
  • Cons
  • Very small in size.
  • Very delicate.


PetFusion Dog Lounge & Bed

PetFusion Dog Lounge & BedThis is so comfortable that your dog will approve of it the moment it’ll see it! It is made up of recycled polyfill and has a base of memory foam.

So, it is the best in comfort and is also very durable. Also, it has a good design which can adorn your house.


  • Made up of good materials.
  • Perfected design.
  • Can be cleaned easily.


  • Made of recycled polyfill.
  • Good packaging.


  • Slight odour.


OxGord Airline Approved Pet Carriers Bed

Fleece Bed for DogThis is one of the best travel beds available in the market. It is made especially to provide security to pets while travelling in airlines.

It is approved by most airline companies and has lots of features too. It is also very comfortable and can be cleaned very easily without any problems.


  • From a trusted name in the field of pet care.
  • Approved by most airlines.
  • Made of breathable materials.


  • Makes travelling with the pet easy.
  • Can prevent escape.


  • Cannot survive claws of a cat.



Buying a good pet bed requires a lot of thought and hence can be difficult. However, the above-given buying guide can help you counter the problems and then carefully make the best pick.

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Best Pet Bird Cages

Bird Cages

How to Choose a Bird Cage

Size and shape
Size Cage

Prior to buying any of the pet bird cage one should and must look the dimensions of the cage. There are so many different sizes of pet bird cages available in the market but you should take into account some crucial factors before arriving on any decision.

One of the studies shows that the nature of the birds is to fly horizontally (not all of them we are specifically talking about pet birds like the parrot) so your cage must be wide enough to give an extra room for your pet to fly. The cage may be less in length but it should not be narrow and what is the use of that cage where there is no suitable flying space for your pet bird.

The cage may be less in length but it should not be narrow and what is the use of that cage where there is no suitable flying space for your pet bird.

Well, you need to consider the bar spacing too. The reason is that your pet bird can hurt itself with the very narrow bar spacing and it should not be wider enough that your bird just flies away from it.

Material Cage

The different materials are used in the manufacturing of bird cages. The materials like wood, bamboo or the stainless steel are the most widely used. The concerning thing about the material is that you should prefer the long lasting material that is also good quality wise.

Currently, the wood material and the bamboo have not been able to provide the utmost protection. The thing is that wood can be cut down easily by your overactive bird. So the better choice is always the stainless steel because of its advantages. First of all the stainless steel is rust free, the decaying rate of this material is very slow as compared to the wood or any other material.

DoorThe number of things should be considered before making the decision of what kind of door you or your pet needs.

There are several different sorts of doors available some of them are very narrow which will not be good for your bird as it can stick with the door. The other doors are also available which can be opened upward.

The good thing is that you should be looking for the cage which provides not only the good opening for your bird but to the openings of water and food for your pet. So a great care must be taken before choosing an appropriate door.
Cage bottom
BottomThat’s very important factor of any of the bird cage. The cage bottom is the thing which you will have to clean time to time and there are cages in which the grates are attached.

These grates play an important role by not only saving your time but also to the safety of your pet. The other most widely used method of cleaning is the newspaper bedding so your cage must support this kind of bedding if grates are not there.
Play centerPlayCenter
This has been an age-old practicing in the cage making that there are playing stuff fixed inside the cage, so your pet doesn’t get bored. Well, these playing sources have bee proved to be healthier for your pets and just one thing you should look alongside with your playing tops; the food and the water dishes attached to the playing staff will make it easy for your pet to enjoy quality time. (And on a lighter note) in the meantime, you will be able to clean the cage as well.

Top 7 Best Pet Bird Cages For Money

1. Prevue Pets White Arched Top Companion Bird Cage

Prevue Pets WhiteThe Prevue Pets White Arched Companion is the kind of pet bird cage which you have been always dreaming for (it costs 24 dollars). The Prevue white arched cage is 24 inches in length, and the width is more or less 17 inches.

There are two locking side clips so you will need them while cleaning the cage; they are used for easily removing the bottom tray.

The good thing about this cage is that it has little sort of feeding cups, and it has been helpful for the birds.

The structure is all made up of wood bars, and the bar spacing is around 3/8 inches, so it is more than good. The door type of this Prevue Pets White Arched Companion has the front sliding door that can easy access fro your pet. The only concern about this white Prevue cage is that it doesn’t come up with the bottom grate.


2. World Pride Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage

World Pride WroughtThis one is the World Pride Wrought Cockatoo Birdcage of the rectangular shape with so many great features.

The price of this cage is around 80 bucks (very much affordable). There are multiple sizes of this cage are available like 51, 61 or 68 inches.

The bar spacing of this cage is just 0.8 inches and there are two colors out there right now black and green. The manufacturing of this cage has been done by wrought iron so it gives the durability and the high-quality structure. There are the number of cups placed inside the cage for feeding purpose and they are sufficient enough for your pet birds.

The World Pride Wrought cage has the ability to provide the home-like environment to finches, canaries or even parakeets. The cage can be easily moved from one place to another because it has got wheels so it is indeed a portable cage.


3. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage

Prevue Hendryx Pet ProductsPrevue Products Wrought cages have made their places very high amongst the best cages all around the world.

This cage has the length of 31 inches; width and the height are 20, 53 inches respectively. It will cost you bit expensive ($124) but provided the features it justifies the price.

The bottom grille is attached at the bottom so the cleaning of the cage is not a big deal anymore. The dimensions are just perfect and good for the health of the pet birds with the bar spacing of half inches.

There are 4 plastic and 3 wood feeding cups available with this cage as well. This Prevue Wrought cage offers you the reliability because of its wrought iron construction, and the black color is available with the wheels attached to it so it could easily be moved from one place to another.


4. Hagen Vision Bird Cage for The Canaries

Hagen Vision Bird Cage for CanariesThis Vision Bird Cage just aims for the pet birds like lovebirds, finches, and canaries. The cage is built up with the small wires, and it will just cost you around 80 bucks or so.

One of the great features of this cage is that it can easily be detached from the bottom for the cleaning purpose. There is a debris guard available with this Vision Bird as well.

There is the green color of water and food perches (plenty of them). The dimensions of this cage go something like this 16, 25, 34 inches (length, width and height). So it is really a suitable pet bird cage.


5. Prevue Pet Products Select Wrought Iron Cockatiel Cage

Prevue Pet Products Select Wrought Iron Cockatiel CageIf you want a cage with some style, then this Prevue Products Wrought Hammertone cage just aims to provide them what they want. The price of this cage is around 170 dollars (expensive than the other cages but yet affordable).

This cage is cockatiel manufactured by the wrought iron, so the durability of the cage is out of the question. There are good numbers of feeding perches attached, and not only this but the playing tops are also there to give your pet a suitable atmosphere inside the cage.

The length and the width of the cage are 18 inches each with the height of 57 inches. The wire spacing is of ¾ inches (which is good enough for the pet birds).

The door has the locking button so your pet bird is no longer unsafe before buying you should consider this pet bird cage.


6. Large Wrought Iron Flight Canary Parakeet Cockatiel Lovebird Finch Sugar Glider Cage

Finch Sugar Glider CageThe Parakeet Cocktail Lovebird has so many good things to offer you at the suitable price of around $83.

The dimensions of this cage are of around 32x19x64 inches so a wide enough of the room is given to your pet birds. This Mcage cage just makes the great home for the pet birds like canaries, finches, parakeets.

The whole construction has been done by the wrought iron keeping in view the durability which this cage provides. The door has the locking mechanism with it so the safety is ensured. There are two colors available the black and the white one in this Mcage cage.


7. Hagen Hagen Vision 2 Bird Cage

Hagen Hagen Vision 2 Bird CageThe Vision Bird Cage has the small wire structure with two different sizes small and medium. The cost of this Vision Bird cage is around 77 dollars and it is very much affordable with greater durability ad the quality. The multiple green perches and the feeders are placed inside the cage and they are of medium size so there won’t be any problem.

The cost of this Vision Bird cage is around 77 dollars and it is very much affordable with greater durability ad the quality. The multiple green perches and the feeders are placed inside the cage and they are of the medium size so there won’t be any problem.

The length of this cage is around 24 inches with the width and height of 15, 20 inches respectively. This cage aims for pet birds like finches, parakeets, lovebirds, budgies and you name it. The structure of the cage is such that it maintains the air flow and does not let the dirt stay inside the cage. The debris guard just ensures that you don’t have to clean up the cage frequently and this age also offers the best possible view of your birds.


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Top 8 Best Lizard Cages At Home

Best lizard cages

People often are seen interested keeping different pet reptiles at their home. But then these reptiles cannot be stored without taking proper precautions and measures. One of the best measures is purchasing reptile cages.

Recently, I also got a lizard cage for me. You can easily find out that there are different kinds of lizard cages, such as acrylic and plastic, complete kits and cages, glass cages, rapturous, rodent cages, screen and metal cages and wooden cages. And among them all, I found the plastic cages the best as I recently bought one for me and I found them very good.

Best lizard cages

Now, let me disclose some of the facts that why I selected plastic cages.

Benefits of plastic cages

  • It is quite cost effective
  • Because of the good quality and standards of plastic used to make this plastic cage.
  • Plastic cages are highly resilient
  • It can easily bear any kind of minor hit or water splash
  • The weight of these cages is far lighter than other types of cages. It makes the portability easier for you
  • As these are made up with good quality of plastic, they are totally hygienic

Top 8 Best Lizard Cages For Money

I found these all factors in it at very first glance and this made me compelled to get it for my pet lizards. I have some specific products. Have a look at my choice for reptile cages:

1. KollerCraft Repitat Flat-Backed Reptile Habitat

KollerCraft Repitat Flat-Backed Reptile Habitat

This is a plastic cage with these specifications:

  • This is 5-gallon reptile case which is perfect for small bugs & animals even including crickets, snakes, lizards, frogs & hermit crabs, etc.
  • There is a wide flat-backed design which gives free space for watching reptiles
  • The heavy duty metal screen top prevents the pets appropriately
  • The seamless acrylic construction offers a crystal clear view
  • It is totally child-friendly
  • The plastic plants are not included here
  • The measures of the cage are 10 x 19 x 12 inches


2. Zoo Med Reptibreeze Screen Cage

Zoo Med Reptibreeze Screen Cage

This is one amazing product that you certainly won’t be able to miss if once paid attention to properly. Let’s take a look at some of the specifications that it holds:

  • It is all easy to assemble and then detach
  • Not really difficult to clean it up
  • Price is quite affordable.
  • The 4 sides of screen are attached with an aluminum (or the like) frame screwed together which makes it more durable


3. Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium

Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium

If you want to go for a glass reptile cage, then go for it. I found it prominent among other cages and it’s cost effective too. Check out its eyes grabbing specifications first:

  • The glass terrarium will be perfect for reptiles or amphibians
  • It is raised a bit from the bottom frame to set a substrate heater
  • There will be a front window ventilation
  • The bottom is waterproofed
  • There will be an escape-proof dual doors so that the reptiles do not escape
  • Closable inlets for wires and
  • Proper tubing management


4. Universal Rocks 30-Inch by 18-Inch Rocky Aquarium/Reptile Rigid Foam Background

Universal Rocks 30-Inch by 18-Inch Rocky Aquarium Reptile Rigid Foam Background

People who are looking out for some amazing designs at the background with some attractive effects, and then this is a perfect cage for you guys. See what its specifications are:

There is real looking Rock replication background

  • It is damn easy to install
  • The product adamant
  • It cannot be bended
  • Clips are available with it in order to give easy installation
  • It can be cut to size if necessary to suit your tank


5. WonderBubble By Bio-Bubble

WonderBubble By Bio-Bubble

It is not possible to see your reptiles from every nook and cranny when they are inside the cage. This is because of the background or covered sides of some pages. But this one is totally different. Check out how it is unique:

  • You can have a 360 Degree view
  • The maintenance and cleaning are easy
  • There are accessories to somehow customize your Wonder Bubble
  • You can keep it in your living area as a showcase


6. Zoo Med Laboratories SZMNT2 Naturalistic Terrarium

Zoo Med Laboratories SZMNT2 Naturalistic Terrarium

Sometimes for some reptiles are required to be taken out for some time after a certain time. In that case, it is essential to have a comfortable cage for them. This one is appropriate for such purposes.

  • It is medium sized
  • The front glass opens the door with snap closure
  • It is manufactured by Zoo Med Laboratories.
  • The designs of reptile products are amazing
  • Suitable for amphibians, birds and aquatic pets too


7. Exo Terra Invertebrate Terrarium Habitat Kit

Exo Terra Invertebrate Terrarium Habitat Kit

There is no doubt that plastic cages are quite safe as compared to other cages, but at the same time, you can keep up the beauty factor with this beautiful glass cage.

  • The front of the cage is made up of glass fully for arachnids, scorpions etc.
  • There are double sided doors for reptiles control
  • There is incredible main window ventilation
  • The screen is made up of metal which is at top ventilation of reptiles
  • There is top lighting system with bulb
  • Comes with all necessary decoration items such as- insect water dish, installation guide, substrate


8. Backyard Exploration Critter Case

Backyard Exploration Critter Case

The above-mentioned cases though are beautiful and cost effective too, but when it comes to taking your reptiles out with you, it becomes difficult to take your reptiles out with plastic or glass made cages. So for that what you need is this type of cage. Have a look at it.

  • This Case is built up with sturdy plastic frame with fabric sides which permits safe observation of insects
  • This case features an easy to open handle in order to remove plants
  • The case measurements are 8.5-inches by 7.5-inches by 5.5-inches,
  • It is perfect for displaying on a desk or table.
  • The easy to hold carrying handle makes transport and storage easy.



There are a great many reptile and land and water proficient species. A large number of them that are sold as outlandish pets have turned out to be exceptionally mainstream. Having the right terrarium for them is an imperative part in keeping them solid. Their frameworks can be exceptionally delicate to shameful consideration, so in the event that you don’t have room schedule-wise or cash to spend on ensuring they have the best possible environment with the best possible substrate, lighting, plants and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, you are in an ideal situation with an alternate pet.

On the off chance that you definitely realize what is included in having reptiles and creatures of land and water and are prepared to get what you need, you’re in the ideal spot. With the majority of the terrarium decisions available today, it can test to think of simply the right one.

With the data gave to you in this present purchaser’s aide, you know how to pick the extent of the terrarium, what to put in it, how to keep it moist, how to counteract escapes and a great deal more. When you have all the right data, sorting through the diverse reptile terrarium decisions turns out to be much less demanding.

When they are appropriately dealt with, reptiles and creatures of land and water are astounding pets that can give hours of survey joy. They are to a great degree captivating animals. Contingent upon the size, they don’t typically consume up much room unless they are an extensive breed. They have long life compasses, so their terrarium is a speculation, not only a makeshift home for them.

Take an ideal opportunity to experience the data in this aide, investigate the top of the line reptile terrarium audits and after that begin the procedure of picking that immaculate reptile terrarium that will be your pet’s new home.

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Choosing the Best Cat Cage & Carrier

Pet Gear I-GO2 Traveler Roller Backpack

Bringing your cats with you can be challenging no matter how much you love your pets. You need a good cat carrier for transporting these animals and you need to choose these carriers with care to avoid making your pet uncomfortable.

Your price range is among the most important considerations here. Here are some things that you need to consider when choosing a cage.

What Is a Cat’s cage?

best cat cages 5A cat cage makes carrying your pets around more tolerable especially when you are planning to bring your cat in your car or in a plane ride.

Bringing your cat in a cage is an ideal solution as your felines will be in a very comfortable place while you are taking them out on a trip.

Crates are made from different materials and usually, there is a mesh layer which is perfect for when you want to see your pet and keep them in a well-ventilated environment.

What size of the cage?

Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet KennelThe size of your cat carrier should be big enough to allow your cat to stand inside your cage and turn in your direction without the need to crouch. This is enough at least when you only have to go on a short ride.

But when you are in the process of looking for a cage when you are on for a very long trip, you will need to get a cage which is larger. This cage would have to fit bowls for water and for food for your cat. It is also great to allow your pet to have enough space to move around inside the cage.

What style of the cage?

The cage’s style will depend on your needs. This would depend on many things such as if you are constantly traveling with your pets or when you just need them to stay secured somewhere when you are driving the car. There are also cages that allow you to roll around when you are having a hard time carrying a cage around with you.


The price of the cage would differ depending on the size as well as the design of the cage. The material that the cage is made of is also one of the basic considerations that you have to keep in mind. You also need to consider the price of the cage.

The Different Levels Of Cat’s Cages

Small One-Level Cages

This cage is a good cage especially if you want to decrease the chances of injuring your pet. With just a single level, cats would not be able to decrease the chances of your cats getting injured for being too active. One great thing about these cages is that it is really great for when you have kittens that need to be kept in a carrier.

Multi-Level Cages

This cage is a good thing to have when your cat is docile since it will not injure itself while prowling inside this cage. You would want to keep your animal inside this one to be something which is not overly active. With several levels, your animal has enough space to move around. Although this is a good cage for temporary use, you don’t really want to leave your pet inside this cage for long periods.

The Different Types Of Cages For Cat

cat cages

Diagnostic Cages

When you have an appointment to the vet, you want to secure your cat the day before. When they get spooked out, cats can scramble around and you don’t really want that to happen. Hence, you have to secure your cat and this is especially useful for when your cat is sick and you need to give it medicines.

Outdoor Runs

Just like other animals, your cat needs to go out on a run. But taking them out may not be safe for them as they can be in an accident or get sick. One way to remedy this is to make a cage for outdoor runs. There are made to order cages for this purpose but many pet owners choose to make their own outdoor run.

DIY Outdoor Runs

In many instances, a cage system designed just like a chicken coop and you can design this all on your own. This is especially great for making a place for your cats to run around.

Soft Carriers

These are nice cages which are easy to bring wherever you are and it is very light. Occasionally, this has a shoulder strap that makes it easy to transport. This is also easy to store as it takes a small amount of space.

Hard Plastic Cat Carriers

This is among the most popular cages. It would be best to choose the cage which comes apart. It would be cooler to choose one which is attached with screws. Snapping the lid off is very easy.

Suitcase Style Cat Carriers

This is not a very popular cat carrier. This looks just like a suitcase that comes with mesh on the side so it is easier to see your cat. This is easy to roll which is great for people who have problems with lifting heavy stuff. Apparently, this is a little too big to store if you are conscious about space.

Top 3 Best Cat Crates For Money

There are several cat cages that you can choose from. Here are some of the best cages that you can choose from for your cats.

MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Playpen1. MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Playpen


  • Comes with an Electro-Coat finish and made with sturdy wire
  • Have ABS plastic components which are very convenient to clean
  • Collapsible
  • Safe playpen for cats
  • Has a large front door that swings open


  • Highly portable and easy to bring anywhere
  • Can easily fit several cats
  • Easy to set up


  • Some people complain how thin and unstable this structure is
  • Some customers complain about the bent metal
  • The cage’s corners are somehow too large causing cats to get caught in between


Cat1st Portable Pop Open Cat2. Cat1st Portable Pop Open Cat


  • Great for transporting cats
  • Can easily fit 2 cats
  • Has mesh panels to have enough ventilation
  • Comes with seat belts for when you are driving
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use


  • Cleaning this cage is easy
  • Easy to snow
  • Comes with a small packaging


  • Assembling this cat cage can be difficult to do
  • Carrying this can be uncomfortable
  • Zippers have a tendency to break which renders this useless


Pet Wire Cage with ABS Pan3. 42″ Pet Wire Cage with ABS Pan


  • Has a powder coat finish
  • Comes with a slide out plastic tray
  • Very easy to clean up
  • Great for different pets
  • Is priced reasonably


  • Large enough to accommodate several small pets
  • The bottom tray slides in and out easily
  • Sturdy and perfect for carrying pets


  • Not great for highly active pets
  • Size is not as it was advertised
  • A bit too flimsy for some pets


Top 10 Best Cat Carriers In 2016

There are several cat carriers that you can choose from. Here are some of the best carriers that you can choose from for your cats.

Pet Gear I-GO2 Traveler Roller Backpack1. Pet Gear I-GO2 Traveler Roller Backpack


  • You can transform this into five different carriers
  • Carrier sides are expandable allowing you to have more room for your pets
  • Can be stored away just like a suitcase
  • Comes with a side storage for extra pet accessories
  • Tethers can be attached to pet harness for additional security


  • This is a high-quality carrier
  • Carrier is very light and ergonomic
  • Highly versatile


  • This is not a good carrier for plane cabins
  • Wheels may wear off easily
  • The top is a bit too narrow than the bottom


2. Bergan Comfort Carrier Soft-Sided Pet Carrier


  • ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 05 17.39Has an awesome design for pet owners who love carrying pets with them
  • Designed with a side zipper allowing you to have access to pets easily
  • Comes with a fleece bed that is washable
  • Removable insert panels for easy washing
  • Has a shoulder strap


  • Lightweight carrier for pets
  • This carrier is easy to store
  • Cleaning this is very easy


  • Shoulder straps are not very strong
  • The bag’s support is not very sturdy
  • This carrier’s lining is very insecure as it is removable


Pet Gear Special Edition Pet Stroller3. Pet Gear Special Edition Pet Stroller


  • Great one-hand fold mechanism
  • Comes with a zippered opening
  • Makes pets extremely comfortable with the extra fleece pad
  • Has a plush interior fleece pad
  • Has a parent tray and a storage basket


  • Stroller slides easily
  • Is very sturdy and perfectly well made
  • Easy to fold up for traveling


  • The metal connected to the wheel breaks easily
  • Replacing the parts can be very difficult
  • Some products were broken when it was shipped


4. Teafco Small Argo Petascope Airline Approved Carrier

Teafco Small Argo Petascope Airline Approved CarrierFeatures

  • Has an exterior which is waterproof
  • Manufactured using 840 denier Nylon fabric
  • Has quick access features with a big opening
  • Dual mesh layer
  • Good ventilation and great pet visibility


  • This cage retains its shape even when you are carrying it
  • Sloped shaped is great for stowing under the seat
  • Awesome structural design


  • Unless your pet is very small, this could be uncomfortable
  • Weighs more than what was advertised
  • Could be uncomfortable for large pets


ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 05 17.395. Bergan Comfort Carrier Soft-Sided Pet Carrier


  • Good for pets up to 22 pounds
  • The fleece bed is washable
  • This carrier is Phthalate and Lead Safe
  • Has a padded and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Comes with a full and half zip opening


  • Lightweight cage for carrying pets
  • Cleaning this cage is really easy
  • Good for airline travel with pets


  • The bulkiness and weight can be an issue
  • Crate could wear out easily with constant use
  • Removable lining isn’t too secure


Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier6. Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier


  • Functional and stylish pet carriers
  • Easy to fit under airline seats
  • Has a spring wire frame
  • Approved in major airlines
  • Made from mesh for good ventilation


  • Great for carrying dogs in a plane cabin
  • Comfortable for pets
  • Lasts for a long time


  • Some items are defective upon shipment
  • After a few months, the poles cave in easily
  • Nylon zippers can break down easily


Petmate 21100 Ultra Vari Pets Kennel7. Petmate 21100 Ultra Vari Pets Kennel


  • 25% of the materials is made from recycled materials
  • Has durable wire windows and comes with rear vents
  • Meets IATA and USDA guidelines for pet carriers
  • Has a secure door lock
  • Comes with kennel fasteners that are considered as heavy duty


  • Good for bringing pets in airlines
  • Great for large pets
  • Lightweight and very well-ventilated


  • Absence of rear vents
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Quality may not be good enough for some pet owners


Petmate Look N See Kennel for Pets Up to 10-Pound8. Petmate Look N See Kennel for Pets Up to 10-Pound


  • Well ventilated pet carrier
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • This pet carrier is made from recycled materials
  • Carrier has a wire top which makes pets very visible
  • Comes with a durable mesh construction


  • Good size for carrying two pets
  • This carrier is very easy to clean up
  • Sturdy metal and plastic construction


  • This is a bit too small when you have huge pets
  • Doesn’t come with bolts and wing nuts
  • The size is not as advertised


Suncast 23 in Deluxe Pet Carrier9. Suncast 23-Inch Pet Carrier Round


  • Great for dogs for up to 30 pounds
  • Has a bowl for water and food
  • Is very quick and easy to clean
  • Comes with a very durable design
  • Good for car and air travel


  • This is great for when you don’t want your animals to be squished
  • It is easy to open and close the cage’s door
  • Has good visibility for when you want to keep an eye on your pets


  • Some pets might find it easy to get out of this carrier
  • Bigger pets might feel uncomfortable in this carrier
  • Could be a bit too flimsy at times


Petmate 21088 Pet Taxi Fashion10. Petmate 21088 Pet Taxi Fashion


  • Has a quick latching system
  • This is a 3 in 1 storage compartment
  • This comes with a seat belt strap
  • Great for keeping pets comfortable
  • Ideal pet taxi with an awesome design


  • The price of this cage is very reasonable
  • Putting this cage together is very easy
  • Safety screws are a great addition to this pet carrier


  • You might need to check on the removable door from time to time
  • The interior is not too comfortable for pets
  • May is not ideal for long travels


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Best Dog Crates Review: Buying Guides

dog crateWhat sort of dog crate you should use for your dog? This has become one of the most widely asked questions in recent past. The answer to this seemingly simple question rather depends on many factors and the type of your dog also plays a crucial role in choosing a dog crate.

Having spent time listening to the pet experts and talking to different experienced people, we have come down to three kinds of suitable dog crates and not only this but we have also managed to gather some specifications about them. So here we are with three types of dog crates namely soft sided fabric, wire, and solid plastic.

Having spent time listening to the pet experts and talking to different experienced people, we have come down to three kinds of suitable dog crates and not only this but we have also managed to gather some specifications about them. So here we are with three types of dog crates namely soft sided fabric, wire, and solid plastic.

best dog crates 1

When to buy Solid Plastic

  • This is one is particularly good for the kind of dogs who feel pretty relaxed when they are unaware of the happenings around them.
  • Also for heavy chewers dogs.
  • And this one is so light good for the owner of the dog.

When to buy Soft sided Fabric

  • Made for the cool and calm dogs.
  • This one is also very light in weight positive for dog owners.

When to buy Wire

  • If dogs are some sort of party lover and want to see what is going on around them all the time then wired carter has just been made for them.
  • Good ventilation and always preferred in hot and humid climate.
  • Most of the wired cages are portable and you can just fold them whenever you want to carry, and weight of such craters is also very light.


  • Gives Your Dog Line of Sight

Actually, dogs decide which kind of crate is good for them but if they have nature of seeing everything and still remain calm then this wire dog kennel gives you the right environment for your dog. The privacy of the dogs somehow shatter in these crates, but you have to keep this thing in mind if your dog is just loving to see what’s happening around then this wire dog kennel gives the 360 degrees coverage and yet ensures the safety of your dog.

  • Open & Breezy

This is probably the greatest advantage of wire dog kennel as it provides you the required ventilation. The dog owners who are keeping their dogs in humid and hot climate they should and must buy these wired kennels for dogs. Inside crate, the proper temperature needs to be maintained (no matter it’s cold or hot out there) and this wire dog kennel is equally good for both sort of climates. And the proper temperature is what keeps your dog healthy and good looking.

  • Foldable

Like everything in the world is available in portable format then why not these crates? Yeah, it can be folded and they are portable so good for the people who travel a lot. It also helps in making the situation right for the owners when there is less space available so they can just fold the kennel into a small piece. Folding of this dog kennel doesn’t require any kind of expertise just a simple mechanism written in the manual which comes with it.

  • Tough

The structure of this product is too strong to be broken away by dogs. Unlike other crates out there (fabric or plastic) in which dogs can easily run away either breaking it or even chewing it (yeah it’s true). But in this wire kennel, you can keep your mischievous dogs as well and you don’t need to worry about them as they cannot escape or break the tough material of the cage.

Which Dog Crate Is Best For A Bad Dog?

bad dogThere are so many dog crates available in the market but what’s the good one for your dog (which has become little rough to you). These dog crates ensure the privacy and the home environment for dogs bringing them in peace.

The good idea is to always start with a wire crate with more than one door, this will help your dog in synchronization and gives it the good training in the beginning. And if you want your dog to survive in the closed environment then soft sided fabric crate would do the job for you; because dogs are in the list of ten loving animals (always keep this thing in mind).

What Is The Best Dog Crate To Buy?

dog crate Bad DogIf you want temperature oriented dog crate for your pet then you would love this wire dog crate “Midwest life stages” which just costs around 50 bucks and its double door structure gives your dog the suitable training as well.

And if you love safety alongside with the fact that you want an easy way to teach your dog how to live in a crate then most probably this “Pet mate two load kennel” will prove to be really good for you, low priced and very strong structure.

And if you are a frequent traveler and want your crate to being portable then you should try this “soft sided fabric Pet nation Port-a crate because it is very light in weight and can be easily brought together, will only cost you $48 or so and it will provide you the utmost protection as well. Last but not the least but this one is really massive because it is made up for “bad dogs” (costs around 400 bucks). This “Pro select Empire Cage” will guarantee any sort of breakage; it has wheels as well so good for traveling as well.

Types of Dog Crates

Metal Wire Dog Crate Reviews

1. Midwest iCrate Pet Crates

Midwest iCrate Pet CratesMidwest iCrate comes with a single and double door. There are different sizes available (24, 30, 36, 42 inches) of this cage and you can select the size according to your pet.

The great thing about his cage is that it can be folded easily and can be really helpful for travelers. Another good thing about this cage is that it comes with a pan which can be easily washed and guarantees maximum cleanness. The structure of this cage has been designed as to provide the maximum protection. It has no major disadvantage.

buy 3

2. MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

This metal dog cage by Midwest offers you some great services with such a low price and high quality. The cost of this cage is just 48 bucks and it comes with different suitable sizes such as 20, 22, 30, 36 inches. Not only this but manufacturers has given you the choice to buy a single door or double door as both are available. The panel has been divided into different parts which make it versatile. MidWest-Stages-Double-Door-Folding-InchesThe major advantage of this cage being its portability as it can be folded down to a very small size. The bad thing about this cage is its rough surface otherwise, everything is just fine.

buy 3

3. AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

It is specially designed for the dog owners who really want to have two doors in the cage. Quality is really nice as it is made up of metal thatDouble-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate comes with divider panel and a pan (for cleaning purpose). Three different sizes are available (small, medium and large) buy whichever suits your dog.

Two side doors work nicely with your dogs (especially when they are a beginner) and help them in training. Portable but sometimes could be difficult to assemble it properly.

buy 3

4. OxGord Double-Door Folding Metal Pet Crate

OxGord PT-CG-20 Double-Door Folding Metal Pet CrateThis two door OxGord Pet Cage aims for anyone who wants quality with low price as it just costs around 60 bucks or so.

The different sizes are available starting from 24 inches with an increment of 6 inches to 42 inches. Dog owners can blindly trust the quality of this brand as it has been the number one brand.

The good thing is that it can be assembled quickly and can be folded as well for making it completely portable. It has been designed with heavy duty solid metal. You won’t face any such difficulty with this cage.

buy 3

Plastic dog crates Reviews

1. Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel

Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet KennelIt will provide the security to your dog with the cheap cost with very high quality indeed. The length of this cage is 24 inches and different colors are also available in the market.

Two doors have been so your pet does not have to face any sort of difficulty. The structure has been made up of plastic mostly with some steel so it gives you the visible picture of the inside with greater protection. There is one bad thing in it, water cup is not added in the structure otherwise it is just perfect for your pet.

buy 3

2. Petmate Compass Plastic Kennel

Petmate Compass Plastic KennelBit expensive as it will cost you around 80 bucks but Petmate compass plastic aims you to give the structure with high quality and guaranteed safety of the dog. The size of this cage is not defined by length rather the weight of your dog will define what sort of cage suits it.

Be it 20, 30, 40 up to 90 lbs dogs can find their plastic cage. It has two doors and visibility is just greater than other cages. The problem could arise with

The size of this cage is not defined by length rather the weight of your dog will define what sort of cage suits it. Be it 20, 30, 40 up to 90 lbs dogs can find their compass plastic cage. It has two doors and visibility is just greater than other cages. The problem could arise with the space inside the cage, apart from it an optimum option for dog owners.

buy 3

3. Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate Compass Plastic KennelAnother great kennel produced by Petmate which has greater visibility and designed with good material. You get so many things alongside the package.

The different size of the kennels is available like 21, 28, 32, 36, 42 inches and not only this but kennel has been categorized according to the weight of your dog a 70 to 90lbs kennel. The ventilation is always good inside the kennel and the material used is heavy duty plastic (made in U.S.A).

buy 3

Soft-sided Dog Crate Review

1. NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor For Pet Home

NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Indoor:OutdoorThis soft-crate indoor outdoor cage looks like a den, but the ventilation system adopted in this cage is state of the art and gives great temperature control inside.

It comes in different sizes (buy according to your dog size) like21, 26, 30, 36, 42 inches are available in the market. The major advantage of this crate is that it has been built both for indoor and outdoor use. The structure looks good as well made up by tight weave mesh fabric. Beware of the fact that it is not for the bad dogs as they can chew the fabric of this crate.

buy 3

2. EliteField 3-Door Soft Dog Crate

EliteField 3-Door Soft Dog CrateIf you want more doors for your door then you are at the right place because EliteField soft crate offers 3 door crate and it just costs around 72 dollars (really good one).

The size available for this crate is 36 inches of length as this is the average length of any cage. It can be washed, carried (lightweight) to any journey and well ventilated.

buy 3

3. Pet Magasin Portable Bag Home

Pet Magasin Portable Bag HomeThis soft sided Pet carrier is approved for air traveling and it will just cost really cheap.

The size available in this pet carrier is in two forms small and a large one. The material which has been used in its design is durable and very light in weight (won’t face any difficulty in carrying this).

The ventilation system is also guaranteed, and it has enough room for your pet to adjust.

buy 3

Heavy-duty dog crate Review

1. SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate Kennel

SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate KennelIf you are searching for something big and yet reliable then SmithBuilt has come up with a different cage for you.

The price of this cage is a little bit expensive (but the advantages are enormous) and it comes in size 48 inches.

There are multiple doors available (side and top doors) so your pet has easy access inside the cage. The material used in the manufacturing of this cage guarantees the rust free environment. It’s available in multiple colors (whatever you like). But there is one drawback of this crate that it is not for bad dogs as they can easily damage the structure so beware of that.

buy 3

2. Big Barker Orthopedic 4″ Dog Crate

Big Barker Orthopedic 4 inches Dog CrateAre you looking for any such cage which will suit your bad dog?

Orthopedic Dog crate has just been built for such dogs, and it ensures every kind of protection not only to the dog but the cage itself.

Four different sizes are available small, medium, very large and extra large (but you should be very much concerned about the size of the dog). It can easily be washed even in machines and the structure of this cage fully ensures the safety of your dog.

buy 3

Fashion dog crate Review

1. Aspen Pet Pet Porter Plastic Kennel

Aspen Pet Pet Porter Plastic Kennelit offers you protection with some style and not this, but the safety of your dog is also made sure. It’s the size of the kennel depends on the weight of your pet rather than the size.

So different categories are defined as 10, 20, 30, 50 and 90lbs are available, a great care must be taken before buying any of the sizes. Multiple color availability makes it the best option for the dog owners out there. You might dislike one thing and that’s its opening which is bit narrower otherwise everything is more than good.

buy 3

2. Petmate 21100 Ultra Vari Pets Kennel

Petmate 21100 Ultra Vari Pets KennelThis ultra vari Petmate kennel has been built with wires and plastic structure in order to make sure the safety of your dog.

The look of the kennel is just more than fine. It comes in different size categories be it 15, 30, 45, and up to 90 lbs and it depends totally on the weight of your dog. Multiple colors are available with safe and secure locking system. The great thing is that it is durable and it has been certified being used as transporting animals.

buy 3

3. Doskocil Compass Kennel

Doskocil Compass KennelThis Dog Crate offers you two door kennel for your pet and in such a low price.

The size of this kennel has been categorized according to weight and there are two sizes 10lbs and 20 lbs, so it’s not been made for massive pets.

The carrier has been given at the top of it and the ventilation is just great (of course visibility is good too). Available in multiple colors and another advantage to have this kennel is that it can be assembled very quickly, a complete package for your pet as it is portable.

buy 3

Wood Dog Crate Review

1. Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set

Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover SetIf you want your pet cage to look more beautiful alongside with other furniture out there in your home then this Merry Products medium cage will do it.

It comes with three different sizes small, medium and large (whatever fits fine for you). The surface of this cage can be used as a desk as well (won’t do any harm to your pet).

The plastic tray has been attached to it which can be brought outside for washing purpose. Overall the feedback of this cage is more than good so you should consider this one for your dog.

buy 3

2. Casual Home 600-44 Pet Crate End Table

Casual Home 600-44 Pet Crate End TableA heavy wood structure of this casual home cage for dogs is really nice if you want to achieve two different purposes out of this.

It looks like furniture and its top can be used as a table as well. The price is moderate and it comes in two different sizes 24inches and 27 inches. The ventilation is also fine and can be easily washed away causes no damage to the structure.

buy 3

3. New Age Pet Metal Spindles

New Age Pet Metal SpindlesThis one is called pet crate table as this crate is just able to fulfill the purpose of the table in your home.

The price of this cage is around 102 bucks and it’s available in multiple colors. There are four comfortable sizes out there for you dog small, medium, larger and extra large (just be specific about the size). The bad thing about this cage is that it is not that much strong so you better not buy it if you are having bad dog.

buy 3

Wicker Dog Crate Review

1. Mr. Herzher’s Wicker Dog Crate

Mr. Herzhers Wicker Dog CrateMr. Herzhers wicker residence will be the perfect home for your dog and it will also look good in your home with the furniture.

It comes in 30 inches of length and in the color of dark brown. The windows and door aim to provide the enough ventilation for your pet and the tray can be washed easily as well. The quality of the structure just ensures the safety of your dog a nice option indeed.

buy 3

2. Mr. Herzhers Rhino Wicker Pet Residence

Mr Herzhers Rhino Wicker Pet ResidenceThis time, Mr herders has come up with something a lot different. A Rhino Wicker Pet Residence is all that your pet is awaiting for, great interior with visibility and the ventilation system is just splendid.

It will cost you not more than 135 dollars and there are different sizes available small, medium, large and extra large.

The two doors give your dog kind of freedom and easy access. The good thing is that it can be washed with soap and water. The hardware of this crate is bitten sensitive so you have to be careful if your dog is mischievous.

buy 3

3. Mr. Herzhers Rhino Wicker Deluxe Pet Residence

Mr Herzhers Rhino Wicker Deluxe Pet ResidenceAnother Mr. Herzhers deluxe Residence for you dog. The furniture-like look of this crate adds to the beauty of your home.

There are three different sizes available namely small, medium and large. The number of doors in this crate are much greater actually, 5 doors are there in this crate to give your dog a way easy access than ever before.

Windows have also been given in order to give it proper ventilation. The structure/hardware of this crate is somewhat weak so a great care must be taken in this regard.

buy 3

Pro-Select Pet-Edge Wire Dog Crate review

 Fleece Cat Perch Cover

Fleece Cat Perch CoverDo you want to give your pet a real comfortable place? Then you need to buy this Fleece Perch Cover which gives your pet a nice place to settle in.

It is cheap just 9 bucks or so and comes in size of 24 inches length, 10 inches width. It has been made up with soft fabric and can easily be washed (that’s really good thing). The feedback of this Fleece perch cover has been positive but few problems regarding the fur of the cover has been reported, except that everything looks fine.

buy 3

Midwest Ultima Pro Series Dog Crate Review

MidWest Ultima Pro Series Dog Crate

MidWest Ultima Pro Series Dog CrateThis Midwest Ultima crate is a cheap and high-quality crate for your dog. The cost of this crate is around 107 dollars, but the structure of this crate is made up of pure steel.

It comes in four different sizes 24, 30, 36 and 42 inches and you should think a lot before buying any of the sizes for your dog. Three doors give an easy access to the pet it can also be washed with ease. The structure of this cage is such that it gives you the reliability and it can run for longer period of time.

buy 3

Confidence Two Door Dog Crate review

Confidence Pet 2 Door Dog Cage Crate With Bed

Confidence Pet 2 Door Dog Cage Crate With BedThis one is the two door pet door cage but mind it that it has a very comfortable bed included with the package (gives your dog a home-like an environment).

The different sizes are also available like large 36 inches, extra large 42 inches, and Double extra large 48 inches. The soft fleece is spread over the surface and the whole structure can be easily washed. The durability of this cage is far greater than the other cages out there.

buy 3

Carlson Secure Metal Dog Crate Review

Single Door Metal Dog Crate from Carlson Pet Products

Single Door Metal Dog Crate from Carlson Pet ProductsThe Carlson’s Secure compact single door cage offers your dog a comfortable and visible home. The price of this cage is also cheap as it can be bought only for 43 bucks.

There is only one size available right now the medium one and according to weight, it can carry up to 45lbs (so if your dog falls in this category you should consider this cage as well).

The structure of this cage is all made up of pure steel so it ensures you the greater reliability than the other cages. The single door is there with a locking system ensures the safety of your dog. Just keep in mind it has not been built for bad dogs.

buy 3

Single Door Metal Dog Crate Review

SmithBuilt Folding Black Dog Crate

SmithBuilt Folding Black Dog CrateThis double door SmithBuilt Premium Cage is just designed to give your dog a perfect place to be in.

This cage can also be folded down and easily be carried away while traveling. Multiple sizes are available from 20 inches up to 48 inches with an increment of 6 inches (not to mention the dividers are also added in this cage). The structure is durable and washable too. The lock of the door could irritate you a bit but overall that will prove to be a nice cage for your pet.

buy 3

How Many Doors Should A Dog Crate Have?

Well, the answer to this question depends on many different thins as is this the first time your dog is going to face a crate? Or is it used to of the cage? The reason for these considerations is to make sure that your dog has enough practice for going inside the cage. So if a dog is just a beginner then multiple doors are advised in the cage as it gives your pet an easy access and synchronization with the change as well.

Should You Use The Crate’s Plastic Pan Floor Or Buy A Dog Crate Bed?

There are two kinds of surfaces that you can choose for your dog to lay down inside a cage.

The Crate Plastic Pan Floor

The crate’s plastic pan is the built-in surface spread over the floor of the cage and it gives the sort of protection to your dog as well as the floor. For the greater health safety of your dog which has a bit oily skin this crate’s plastic pan would comfort the dog very much so it depends on your dog’s skin and physique.

Dog Crate Bed

In contrast, the dog crate bed gives the utmost comfort to the dog (but you will face some difficulty in training your dog to sit on that comfort bed). Crate bed also ensures the temperature control inside the cage (if being used in a cold climate). So buy plastic pan if your dog is kind of sensitive and has oily skin or if you need the mere comfort you can go for the dog bed.

So What Size Dog Crate Do You Need?

That’s probably the most important factor which should be taken into account prior to buying dog cage. The size of the cage should be somehow large enough for your pet to move around in 360 degrees and be able to stretch its legs as well. But the cage doesn’t have to be that much large that your pet starts using one of its corners as a bathroom.

length of dog

And the other important factor is to make sure that you have measured your dog correctly it should include the length of the dog from the start of the tail (tail length not included) and up to the nose, and the height of the dog should be measured when your dog is sitting on its rare legs with head up. For adult dogs the size of 42 inches does the job but for small dogs different sizes of 20 to 30 inches are also available.

Another great thing is that you buy the divider cage so you could manage the space inside the cage according to your pet’s need. So consider all the factors before actually buying the cage.


The conclusion after reviewing all the different brands, size, prices, advantages and disadvantages we have arrived at the decision that prices for dog cage carries from 40 dollars up to 300 dollars as well but it totally depends on your need. As you can buy the cage which looks like furniture and will save you the purpose of a table (but that will cost more).

And there are other cages also out there with less amount of money and with different sizes (alongside with the divider feature).

Before buying any of the cages you should exactly know which size you have to buy and the nature of your dog as well (some cages won’t be able to lock down your dogs for even couple of minutes), some dogs would want more visibility other would need proper ventilation in short after considering these things you can buy a branded cage for your dog but don’t forget to research and buy a perfect home for your pet.

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